Work for the public realm

My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career for the general public. This includes book illustration, bag design and stationery another pattern creation.

Delightful Dublin – Illustrations for this guide book to the central Dublin neighbourhoods for Wmily Westbrooks

The Girl and The Moon

A description of the project and the works presented.

This was a really enjoyable book illustration project for Kevin Koidhl A Dublin based thinker, poet and artificial intelligence expert. In illustrating this beautifully printed book I tried to use a style that would not limit the interpretation of the poetry. Everything was deliberately blurry, indistinct and dreamy.

Screen printed Bags for a medical conference

I designed and organised the manufacture of 2000 bags for a medical conference. It was important to the attendees that the bag would be reusable, beautiful and that good would have been done in the manufacture. The bags were made in India by the charity Jacob’s Well – who train and employ women in Bangalore India. It would be really wonderful to get more business for them.

Ursulacelano branded stationery and textiles

I used to manufacture and design stationery and other gifts mainly bags. This business ran from 2012 to 2018. It was great fun and I made terrific friends and saw the country. It was very interesting to travel and really nice to have customers. It just didn’t make much of a profit.

Screenprinting projects

I am lucky to have a screen printing studio in the garden. These are some of my projects. It is very easy using this basic technology to mock up or produce professional looking product. It is also great fun!

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