Ursula Celano

Welcome to my website. Please take a look at my work. There are some paintings for sale and information about what I am doing now and in the near future. Please use the contact form below if you would like to get in touch. I am particularly interested in making portraits. At the moment I am mostly painting roses and pictures of people swimming. Get in touch either if you would like to know about any future shows or exhibitions. I try and keep this fresh but if you are looking for ‘news’ my instagram account (@ursulacelano) is probably more up to date!

My Work

Work for Sale

Completed paintings, often of the area where I live Sandycove and the people who visit there. There are also still lives and other landscape paintings


Please follow me on instagram at @ursulacelano or follow this link to see what’s new. I recently joined an art collective L9 so I will post up progress on our Spring Exhibition

About Me

I am an artist living in Dublin Ireland.

For a few years I ran a business designing bags, stationery and other giftware based on my view of Ireland. There is some of it still for sale but I have no stock any more. Recently I have been licensing these designs to Nature’s Craft.

Most recently I have been painting working lately on portraits of children and local scenes. Please get in touch if this is of interest.

I am inspired by my local environment, friends and family. I am looking forward to exhibiting my work in the Spring.


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